About us

Bowerbird began in 2018 when we decided it was about time to start creating the arts and cultural spaces we’d been dreaming about. So we set about designing events and other projects around these principles:

1. Literature, visual art, film, music, performance etc: Artists are artists whatever they make, and we think diverse disciplines enrich one another.

2. Accessing inspiration and learning needs to be easier. Like, in the pub with your pals. Or, doing something with your hands instead of deciphering gallery texts.

3. Artists deserve support, pay, and strong networks.

4. Art’s best superpower is helping us to connect with other humans and bringing communities together.

We are a social enterprise, running regular events in venues across London, helping artists connect with one another and their audiences, and collaborating on a variety of bespoke projects.

We platform female and non-binary voices and platform female and non-binary artists; because we want to hear more from them, more often.

You can find out more about our past and current projects here: